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How it works

Delivering a holistic
view of hydration

Water consumed

CO2 reduced

Hydration goal

PET Bottles avoided

Emissions Avoided

Oz hydration provided

Our technology aligns workers with corporate sustainability and safety goals, generating never-before-seen consumption data.

Refreshing reviews

“Glad we are the test subjects of this! Definitely support.”

Pilot user

“Great experience and taste. Highly recommend for any business!”

Pilot user

“I like the convenience. It’s way better than plastic bottles”

Pilot user

All the benefits that bottled beverages can’t deliver

Reduce Waste

Eliminate on-site plastic bottle waste and save time & labor spent on clean-up

Safety Data

Hydration data for OSHA reporting


ESG data for carbon accounting


Worker webapp to optimize hydration & wellness

Low-waste vending that just makes sense

Grab your infinite bottle with the drink of your choice, then return it to any Kadeya low-waste vending station to be cleaned, sanitized, and reused.

Step 1

Fill Up

Scan your unique QR code on each vending station to access drinks of all kinds.

Step 2

Drink Up

Your pre-filled, chilled bottle of filtered water is delivered in under 5 seconds.

Step 3

Do The Planet Good

Drop your bottle back in any station. Receive hydration and CO2 reduction stats.

Industries we serve

Industrial & construction sites
Fulfillment centers
Gyms & Fitness Centers

Elevate how your business hydrates

eliminates waste from packaging

still, Flavored, sparkling, and branded drinks

Glass & Stainless
Steel Bottles

Grab & Go Convenience

Bring your Own
Reusable bottle

Cheaper than
Single-use bottled water

Track your intake & impact









You've got questions, we've got answers.

How does the Kadeya low-waste vending system work?

By rethinking the bottled water supply chain entirely, we’ve created a circular system that makes a positive impact for both you and the planet with every sip, gulp and swig. Our full system is the world’s first closed-loop beverage system. Imagine the milk man of yore, but all done within a single machine. We tap into the water lines, run through an advanced filtration process. These are then served to you in glass or stainless steel containers that once returned are sanitized and reused. Our forever bottles are cleaned within the machine and sanitized using industrial grade methods.

What’s left is zero microplastics and less waste and carbon than single-use bottled water that’s even better than recycling—because our bottles keep getting used forever.

What happens in the bottle isn’t returned?

Nothing happens to the worker! We don’t want to hamper efforts to get water. We have a 1% loss rate factored into our fee. We will work closely with the job site to implement incentives to reduce loss rates. If loss rates are above 1%, the job site is responsible for purchasing additional bottles.

How do you know the bottles are clean?

We’ve developed a patent pending bottle cleaning system that we believe is the best in the world. We have worked with industry leaders like Ecolab to ensure industry leading cleaning.

What inputs do you need?

We tap into the local water line and need 220 V power. The system is ruggedized, but works best under cover. For environments that don't have plumbed water, we can also work with water tanks and delivered water.

How much does it cost?

We offer a pay as you go, "hydration as a service model". For most environments, we offer cost savings compared to single use plastic. Reach out to get a quote today.

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